Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Princeton Open Campus Coalition Wants to Cancel Cancel-Culture

Editor in Chief, DL Mullan    
Princeton / Cancel Culture / Free Speech

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Editor's response: 

Everyone should be signing this letter. The progressive/socialist agenda has gotten so out of hand that people are losing their voices, livelihoods, and lives over this communist garbage. It is time Americans stood up and cancelled this ignorant, manipulative, and dangerous cancel-culture. This crap is one-sided. Everything is racism or misogynistic or bigoted. The only way someone can be included in their inclusiveness is if that person agrees with their illogical, irrational, and overdramatized me, me, me centered ideology. For colleges and universities to be teaching this stupidity is against what higher education is supposed to be about. Social justice is not an American concept; it is from the United Nation's Agenda 21/Common Core. This curriculum has turned our young people into roving, raging lunatics. These indoctrinated monsters cannot be reasoned with and their intellectual capacity is of a spork: dull and incapable of picking anything up. the fact that alumni have commented like fascists on this thread is another tell-tale sign that it is time to cancel the Marxism and get back to Americanism. My grandmother fled socialism/communism. It is hell. She lost her homeland, family farm, and culture thanks to the Bolsheviks. My grandmother lived out her days in America. She never fled the USA once. Americans are tired of the Social Justice temper tantrums of emotional two-year-olds in our streets. These immature punks and thugs have no right to demand anything; they are the definition of domestic terrorists. It's time the adults take back our homes, history, educational system, public square, law enforcement, and government. So stand up... or lose it all.

Source: Princeton Open Campus Coalition