Monday, June 2, 2014

Pacific Orientation: The Eurasian System

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
LaRouche PAC / Government

This video is a great overview of the current deindustrialization of the United States and how that has contributed to an unstable economic power structure, which now foments war instead of innovation. Although this video is educational, the information does not explain why this de-evolution of America has transpired. Thanks to the ever greedy and encroaching mega powers of the global elite, the United States has been stripped away for the goal of globalization. The rise of Eurasia is not a misstep but a planned dismantling of the world for the shortsightedness of a few power brokers at the top.

The current global strategic situation can be defined as a fight between two systems: a dying Trans-Atlantic system in its death throes, which seeks to destroy and loot a Eurasian system which has begun to commit itself to true principles of progress, outlined in this video.

Source: LaRouche PAC