Monday, June 2, 2014

GeoEngineering Daily Report, June 2: Solar Radiation Management

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photographer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Domestic Terrorism

This morning the VDP Gazette took some pictures of GeoEngineering in the Phoenix Metro area. Upon filing the report: GeoEngineering Daily Report, June 2, the sun began to be obstructed. Dimming of the light occurred and the reporter was curious as to why. Up before dawn, there were no indications of a heavily clouded day.

After witnessing the aerial assault and photographing the chemical lines, the reporter realized that the government was employing Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and not just the usual drying up of moisture to move rain into the plains and eastern portion of the United States. Precipitation that could be used in Arizona and California instead is often redistributed east of the Mississippi. 

In the VDP Gazette's weather and air quality article: Excessive Heat, Summer Sun, No Dust, readers will notice that the Weather Channel forecasted 112F today. With the SRM being employed, the new forecast this morning was 111F, as seen here: 

For one degree of cooling, and of course drying up our meager air moisture, residents of Phoenix, Arizona are being told they must breathe in dangerous, toxic heavy metals and other unknown particulates. 

In addition, residents are subject to endure the reduction of solar energy to their solar panels without monetary compensation as well as the health effects of decreased Vitamin D production of their skin.

Why is geoengineering being allowed? 

The blue sky before 8am, and some you can still see here in these photographs: GeoEngineering Daily Report, June 2, are now deconstructed with persistent chemical contrails.

Here are the updated photos: 

Over the Photographer's House

The Southern Skies of Phoenix that were Blue

North Central Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix

North of Phoenix

Northwest of Phoenix

Over Downtown Phoenix

Lines Coming Over the Photographers House

Downtown Phoenix going West
Is this what the government wastes taxpayer money on? Don't we have people to house, cloth, and feed? Veteran's to heal?

All this destruction and domestic terrorism for 1 degree of desert cooling.


Source: Weather Channel