Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Major Storms, MEGA Plasma Filament

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Meteorology / Heliosphere

A wild night in the mid section of the United States as 10 tornadoes smashed onto the scene with high winds and hail accompanying the storms.

The inner planets will align with the sun. If you have not seen the moon, mars, and saturn show in the evening sky, you are missing out. Venus is out in the early mornings and Mercury is by the horizon at sunset, if you have a great location.

More radiation is being discovered without a chaperone this time in Switzerland. Who is leaving this radioactive material out so someone can play how to make a dirty bomb? Just extraordinary incompetence around the world.

A mega plasma filament is in direct line with the Earth this week. Luckily, inactive sunspots will lessen the chances of a right and left hook. The coronal hole preceding the filament may pose an earthquake increase but all hopes are on a quieting of the star.

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