Sunday, June 1, 2014

Excessive Heat, Summer Sun, No Dust

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Weather / Air Quality

It is going to be a scorcher for the first week in June. An Excessive Heat Warning is out especially for tomorrow's 112F. No high winds or dust storms likely. No break from the summer heat as temperatures stay above 105F.
Today's Air Quality
Forecast Discussion: The Phoenix-area air quality was again in the Good range for all pollutants on Saturday. The approach of a trough of low pressure from the northwest has helped to clear the air by providing some good mixing. High pressure to the southeast will hold its position this week, keeping that trough to the north of Arizona as it slowly advances east this week. Daytime highs across the Valley may reach 110°F on Monday, shaving a degree or two through the week, and eventually "cooling" to 105°F. Expect ozone levels to push back into the lower Moderate range by Monday and Tuesday under sunny skies. Particulates should hold in the upper part of the Good range. We do not anticipate any significant dust events this week.

Source: AIRNow, Weather