Tuesday, June 10, 2014

GeoEngineering Daily Report, June 10

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photographer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Domestic Terrorism 

After dark did not stop the geoengineering planes from spraying last night. As skywatchers will note, funny wispy clouds obstructed the view of the stars and the sky seemed cloaked with an opaque blanket that further dimmed the constellations. 
First Glimpse of the Day: Lines in the South

This morning as the sun warmed the sky from aquamarine into sapphire, lines to the north and south of the Valley were present. 

The spraying has gotten more intense as the blue sky is now silvery white in many places.

Now it is a little after 11am. Something in the sky caused the sun to reduce in output as if a cloud was interfering with the rays. The Solar Radiation Management chemical clouds are in the way.

Morning Plane with No Contrails Toward SkyHarbor

As the Sun Shines Brighter, the Lines get Heavier

Prism Affect of Chemicals Reflecting the Sun's Rays

Plane Spraying Chemicals for Solar Radiation Mngt

How the Sky Looks After Spraying

Lines of Chemicals Dissipating into SRM Clouds

Still More Lines and Solar Radiation Mgt Clouds

Partly Cloudy, Why?

Kind of odd to have a Partly Cloudy morning on a Sunny Day, isn't it?  

With High Pressure built into the region causing above normal temperatures and moderate to high ozone concentrations?

It is going to be Sunny All Week!

Source: Weather Channel