Monday, June 9, 2014

GeoEngineering Daily Report, June 9

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Photographer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Domestic Terrorism

Reasons Against
Partly Cloudy or Mostly Cloudy conditions were supposed to hit Phoenix as early as tomorrow and at the end of the week, however at the last moment, the geoengineering activities for this region changed. 

As of 3pm this afternoon, lines in the sky were visibly being created from airplanes.

Climatic conditions are not suitable for normal contrails. CBS Channel 5.2, Chris Dunn, verified that the skies were clear at 106F degrees, low level humidity would be present in Yuma and the Colorado River Valley, and cloudy, stormy conditions near the Utah border later on this evening. Ergo, the Valley of the Sun is clear, even on radar.

So where are these persistent, chemical-laden contrails coming from? The government's Solar Radiation Management project, which exasperates localized warming conditions, eats holes into the ozone, and creates more surface pollution in Phoenix as what was seen about a week ago.

Here is what was documented in the skies of Phoenix late this afternoon: 

A Beautiful Blue Sky in Phoenix
The Southern Phoenix Skyline

South of Phoenix Lines being made

More Lines Dissipating South of Phoenix
Over West Phoenix the Lines go Northwest

The Northwest Line Dives Down

Far Down into the White Tanks Area

In the article: Geoengineering could have 'catastrophic consequences': Schemes to control climate change could backfire, warn scientists, we are warned that messing with the Earth's atmosphere is a terrible idea. Why keep doing the worst possible action for the worst possible outcome?

In another article: Climate engineering may do more harm than good, according to new research, the writers conclude the same reasoning. Climate engineering is daft and ineffective.
For instance, some solar radiation management techniques rely on spraying aerosols into the atmosphere that could deplete the ozone layer, while ocean alkalinisation can alter the amount of oxygen in the ocean - upsetting its ecosystems. Likewise, afforestation can reduce the salt content of coastal waters, with consequences for marine life and ocean currents.
Both articles come to the same dire conclusion, yet assume falsehoods like Global Warming is real and Climate Engineering has not been deployed. Look up! Ah, there it is! Chemical lines in the sky for carbon dioxide plants breathe in and humans breathe out.

Will the elite ruling class and their military and scientific personnel ever learn not to mess with Mother Nature? 

If you want the truth about geoengineering, global warming, and climate change, the VDP Gazette has many scientific and fact based articles and documentaries on the subject as well as daily and weekly reports on local geoengineering projects. Our catalog of articles is at the bottom of the page, right hand side. Plus our dedicated GeoEngineering page.

You can start here: Man Made Global Warming and Ocean Acidification Thoroughly and Scientifically Discredited. Fact based, science based lecture on why Global Warming and Climate Change are farces.

GeoEngineering is not a conspiracy theory. It's a horrible reality. One that needs to be halted. 

Source: Daily Mail, The Carbon Brief