Saturday, June 21, 2014

Watch for New Labels: PNAC Now Hides as the FPI

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
News / Government 

Ever wonder what happened to PNAC, the conservative think tank that wanted a New Pearl Harbor? 

The group changed their name a few years back to the FPI, Foreign Policy Initiative:
PNAC effectively ceased its activities at the beginning of Bush's second term. This may partly have been due to the large amount of bad publicity the group attracted for its seminal role in bringing about the Iraq war.

But the formation of FPI may be a sign that its founders hope once again to incubate a more aggressive foreign policy during their exile from the White House, in preparation for the next time they return to political power.
John McCain is this group's spokesperson and has made more than a few pro-war speeches against the better judgement of the American people.

PNAC originally claimed that 'the group's June 1997 statement of principles called for "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity" that entailed "increas[ing] defense spending significantly" and "challeng[ing] regimes hostile to our interests and values."'

And you wonder how come America keeps being forced into wars, creating regime change in sovereign countries, and causing a currency devaluation with massive defense spending debt. 

Look no further than the NeoConservative think tank FPI. The name has changed but the players have not. The plan to enslave the world under a one world government has not ceased.

The American people should weigh this information with what our current administration is doing in the Middle East and stop that military expansion.

Source: AntiWar