Friday, August 9, 2019

How to Find a Nazi, Look No Further than Big Tech

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Big Tech / Social Justice
A real Facebook advertisement that was discovered by the editor.

Here is what the editor had to write in the comments section.

hurry! turn in your neighbor!!! b/c Trump is the Nazi, but the mega monopoly corporations are the ones stealing your freedoms, rights like expression and speech. shadow banning. banning. censorship. deplatforming. ghettos. gulags. just like real Nazis do! next, Americans will be required to get fingerprinted and searched for owning a gun... oh, wait! the only ones Americans need to worry about are the people pointing their fingers and yelling: racist, Nazi, white slur anything, and turn in your neighbor, esp for a reward. my Jewish grandmother would be ashamed...

What are you doing to set the course of society back into the right direction?

Source: Facebook Ads/Sponsored