Monday, April 15, 2019

Gender Ideology and Intellectual Book Burning for Political Correctness

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Transgender / Social Justice

In recent Twitter and Facebook posts, the transgender phenomenon has taken on a whole new level of exclusion. Americans should rename gender ideology: gender idealogy. People who believe you do not need societal rules of boy and girl like to hide behind the arbitrary rules of hate speech when someone does not conform to their political correctness. 

The comment that was so awful that people actually reported it for hate has been published here for your consideration:
Transgender is a mental disorder; it is called Gender Dysphoria. For doctors, politicians, and the public to use this small population to run over other people and harm said population is disgusting. I don't support using mental illness to take away the rights of other people. I also do not support using mental illness as a political pawn. I have done research into this phenomenon. That is what it is; it's abuse of the mentally ill. Do some independent research by people who are against abusing people for political and financial gain. I do not support the unprofessional behavior of the medical community to make money on a mental disorder that in most cases would resolve itself over time in a person's life with only a small portion of individuals needing psychiatric support. Transgender individuals are being abused by people supporting a delusion that sets up those individuals to take harmful, carcinogenic chemicals and hormones as well as destructive and unnecessary cosmetic surgeries that will never change the sex of the patient. Do your homework. Do not regurgitate social justice warrior or political correctness. It's mean. It's hateful. It should not be supported by anyone who really cares about individuals with Gender Dysphoria. Stand up to the crowd and save someone's life.
Where was the hate speech? Hateful conduct? Hateful content? 


People with mental health issues have taken a benign comment and catapulted the statement into the stratosphere of fiction because they were offended by nothing. The paragraph is someone's researched opinion. That cannot be allowed by the gender idealogists. 

For that fact any opinion that counters the gender idealogists' narrative cannot be allowed to exist. That is a problem for our society. That radical, exclusionary stance cripples people's ability to make informed decisions and create educated opinions because the pubic discourse has been parsed down by intellectual book burning. 

In a recent article, 21st Century is the Age of Intellectual Dishonesty, the Editor of the VDP Gazette wrote about how Americans are more interested in believing the lie instead of discovering the reality of the world they live in. 

If you are offended by the above statement, believe it is some form of hate speech/content/conduct, or what have you, then seek some professional help.

You need counseling.