Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Phoenix Day Under Chemical Attack

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering /Health Watch

 Have you looked up into the sky and wondered what all those lines were? 

 Contrails, you say. Persistent Contrails, but are they?

Combustion jet engines rarely make contrails, and when one is made in that rare instance, the trail does not last for miles and miles and miles spreading out over the landscape to form stretchy haze. 

So what are they?

It's your tax dollars at work from corporations to cites and states to create or halt rain with devastating effects for the rest of the planet.

Isn't it to save us from Global Warming? GeoEngineering programs have been in effect for over 65 years, so any fluctuations in climate and weather extremes can be directly blamed on these illegal programs.

So there is no Global Warming or Climate Change. 

What the atmosphere has become is a weapon and it is being used against humanity. Toxic chemicals sprayed, for what? 

With the problems America faces with starving children, homeless veterans, underempolyed city workers, ballooning government debt, yet our elected officials great and small have money to waste on covering the skies with poison.

Aren't you ready to end these criminal programs so we can see a real sunrise again? 

For more information about the devastating affects of geoengineering, please visit GeoEngineering Watch.