Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Third Day of White Out Leaves Phoenix in a Toxic Haze

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Toxic Air

What would happen if you woke up to hazy skies and little sunshine? 

With all the safeguards on the quality of our air, Arizonans are mandated by laws to have their cars emissions checked, farmers have to water their fields to keep down the dust, and a buearcracy (AZ DEQ) was formed to keep track of air pollutants.

A lot of tax payer money, time, and fees to keep your air clean and safe. 

Or is all the fuss just a ruse? How about Exhibits 1 - 6:

Beautiful blue skies were seen until the planes began making lines, haze in the Phoenix sky this morning for the third straight day in a row. 

If cities, towns, counties, and states do not care about the quality of the air by allowing geoengineering, then why waste everyone's time with bureaucracy upon bureaucracy in trying to control which you do not care about? 

Before the toxic lines in the sky began their assault on Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, our weather forecast looked like this: 

Even AccuWeather advised: 

Sunday turned completely overcast instead of just partly cloudy because of the spray in the sky: 
Yesterday turned into haze from a sunny day. Sunlight dimmed to an unnatural level around noon time. Only solar eclipses have made such a dent in solar radiation.

Right now, Phoenix is seeing this:
While the weather reporters are talking about a .5 inch of rain coming Thursday and into Friday, watch how Weather Underground has already compensated for the toxic geoengineering spraying: 

So is this a conspiracy theory? Or is weather manipulation just a conspiracy?

Then a Congressional document is revealed that deals with government involvement in the weather:
Review the literature, watch the skies, and note the changes in the forecasts. What is happening is real. So look up and start a conversation.

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