Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Loss of Property Rights Across the Nation Begins Locally

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Agenda 21 / Sovereignty Issues

Agenda 21 and its Sustainability nonsense have been plaguing Americans and people around the world for a good part of two and a half decades. 

Arizona is no different. Denial from politicians has led most voters to not know or understand what initiatives they have voted into law. Light rail. Green. Smart. Reimaging. All marketing terms for the same thing: treason. 

Under Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Redevelopment, your state, county, and city can impose fees and restrictions on your property without due process of law. Don't believe that in America communist ideals are being implemented? 

Enter Santa Cruz, California: 

The Bureau of Land Management  or BLM is harassing and fining people off their land.
The BLM also steals wild horses and sells them for slaughter. 
Even in Arizona, our iconic wild horses are being disappeared. 
It is a concerted effort from every front because of Agenda 21, we have a nation full of rogue agencies, politicians and regional boards. So if you have not guessed: you have lost your sovereignty. You have no vote with agencies or regional boards, and bought off politicians deny Agenda 21 exists while helping with its implementation.

Don't you think it is time to stop the implementation of Agenda 21?

Source: All the Above