Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Third Year Anniversary

On this date, November 15, 2013, the Villa de Paz Gazette was born. 

Over the last three years, we have broke news, published exposes, and made readers aware of the world around them. Our motto continues to be...  Independent. Informed. Investigative. 

With our Editor, DL Mullan, the VDP Gazette has become a voice in the alternative media community. Essays, rebuttals, and opinion pieces have blazed a trail. Well, she does like to light things on fire: bridges, mostly. 

So if you have had fun, been informed, felt educated and entertained by the VDP Gazette, we hope you like the coming years. We do not know where the new administration of the United States is going but the Gazette's writers and editor will keep politicians on track with the American legacy. 

Truth, justice... and the American way. 

The Editor hopes you like the updated logo and feel to the website and blog. We will be finishing up the menu and pages in the near future. So stop by often and support us with your dollar.

Thank you!