Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Politicos, Mainstream Media like Globalism Failed Americans

Editor, DL Mullan
Commentary / Elections

There are many reasons for Americans to be angry at the political and economic elites and establishment.

Where would you like to begin?

The Kelo Decision. Mass Spying. Out of Balance Checks and Balances. Executive Orders. Agenda 21. Common Core. Multiculturalism. The Affordable Care Act. Economics. The Federal Reserve. Wall Street.

In the past few decades, at an increasing rate, politicos and mainstream media have been feeding Americans what they want them to know and feel. Yet these same people are surprised when Americans revolt against this manipulative conditioning. Americans want to forge their own path, not live someone else’s version of it.

Isn’t that what this nation was built upon? Rugged Individualism?

However, that is what the elites and establishment have tried to admonish Americans about the love of their country and way of life. So much so that the elite and establishment have gone to great lengths to program young Americans through the educational system against Truth, Justice, and the American Way, see the U.N.’s Common Core. Instead of giving the next generations hope and change, the elites and establishment have given them a Post Industrial America with service jobs that do not pay a living wage and higher education that in debts them for the rest of their lives.

It is a lose-lose situation.

Well, not if you are the Global elite and establishment. When you make education too expensive and the alternative unlivable, then you push the younger populations into military service. The military recruits are used and abused until reenlistment is unlikely due to medical or mental infirmary and then the Globalists leave them homeless or dying in our streets.

So if you go into service jobs, you can never afford owning your own home. If you take out loans to afford college, you will never afford to own your own home. If you go into the military, you become a wo/man without a home or country. This policy is acceptable herding of the human populations all over the world so the Global elite always have a new batch of young people to kill off and keep the wars going to fuel more and more military spending. 

The elite and establishment do not care about the human factor in their bid to take over every part of American life and in reality, the globe. To the elite humans can only be of use as cannon fodder or life long renters in a global corporate owned town.

These facts further display themtselves in the global markets and economies to bring all countries in line with globalist austerity policy. None for the masses, all for the elite and establishment. It is not hard to see how first world countries have been inflated and deflated.

Look at how America fares. The Federal Reserve has devalued the dollar so there is no economic buying power. Wall Street has devalued retirement funds so retirees have to continue to work. Corporations are doing everything they can to automate so that workers are unnecessary. Trade deals shove Americans out of competition and small businesses, industry. Monopolies are set up to funnel all the money up and not spread it around. Soon even Americans will be taxed out of their cars. The Affordable Care Act has already priced them out of health insurance with this exorbitant tax scheme.

Humans are being herded into unwinnable situations and under the boot of the elite and establishment. Control. Control. Control.

How would you like Americans to react? Keep voting in the same old same old? Americans have been revolting for over a decade now. What did you expect to happen media? Politicos?

Americans want their rights and freedoms restored. Politicos and media have done nothing to reject the Globalist regime. Politicos and media have not done their jobs to root out totalitarianism but to encourage and support it. That’s a problem.

The political and economic elites and establishment have ignored and demonized Americans year after year when Americans have voiced their concerns about the direction of their country. Americans voted in change from the disappointing Bush years, only to receive eight more horrible military industrial complex overreaching and overbearing Obama spending years that has created the chaos we see in the world today.

The elites and establishment did not listen because they were too busy filling their pockets with campaign contributions from their friends who then receive no bid contracts while telling Americans overspending on defense was for National Security. So America has this mass spying, guilty before proven innocent, fusion center, military apparatus sucking the life out of America.

Just like the PNAC document dictated. Still the establishment did as its white papers outlined with wars, regime change, and nation building all the while using our taxpayer funded military to protect poppy fields that finance radical cults, then using these cults as proxy armies in Syria, and bringing the U.S. to the brink of another war, this time with Russia.

The elite and establishment have also given us: the Patriot Act, which goes against our freedoms, U.N. free speech zones, which is against our Bill of Rights, and instituted U.N. policies and agendas across America at the local level that has overtaxed and overburdened Americans, their economies, and their politics.

The U.N.’s Agenda 21 has taken over property regulations and policies in cities and towns through taxpayer funded Sustainability Offices and short sided city councils. The Supreme Court has aided the stealing of American’s property with their Kelo Decision, where cities and towns decimated by economic downturns, have gone into infilling as well as utilizing eminent domain to seize Americans’ property to sell to large corporate campaign donors, politically called: redevelopment.

And don’t forget the pay to play of Public-Private Partnerships too!

Rural committees and voters are tired of being bullied and pushed out of their areas by the global government. In Scottsdale, we have the city turning off the only water source to rural homesteaders for the U.N.’s Agenda 21 for Strong City Initiatives, America 2030, and other complete and utter globalist nonsense disasters, referred to as climate change policies.

Americans are witnessing that they are being pushed off their land and it has come to pushing back against the corrupt system. The standoff in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch is one. The standoff in Oregon, which the ringleaders were acquitted, is another. One man, LaVoy Finicum, was ambushed and murdered by F.B.I. agents. The land in question is being sold to China and other foreign nations through politicians, see Bundy Ranch and the Bureau of Land Management’s selling of Nevada public lands, by regulating people off their lands.

Also see, Standing Rock.

Why aren’t politicians and city leaders being arrested by the Justice department?

Because the federal government is so corrupt and lawless that there is no such thing as the Justice department, unless you reorganize the letters to say: Just Us. Americans are not welcome in that scenario either.

So rural America is angry at the federal government and local municipalities for going against American interests, laws, and tradition in lieu of greasing palms and creating dead zones where Americans are no longer welcome in their own country.

That is a huge problem being glossed over by the media, politicos who bottom feed at the feet of the elite and establishment.

The elite and establishment are too into believing their own press to realize that their schemes and policies do not work on a wide scale. These regulations only work for them. The rest of us spend our time picking up the pieces of a collapsing world.

France is a great example of elite and establishment policies of Open Borders, refugee showdowns called multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a failure.

It is not about White Power! Most white people do not sit around wanting to dominate other people or shut them out or belittle them. That thought pattern of White Power! is divisive and illogical and immature. White people are too busy working two and three dead end jobs because of Globalist economic policies to worry about anything else.

The White Power! excuse is used when the media and their politico friends cannot fathom why Americans refuse to fall in line to destroy their own country with Multiculturalism or any of the aforementioned elite or establishment idiocy covered herein. It means you do not have an argument but to call people names as was seen repeatedly last night during election coverage.

White people want what all people want: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Multiculturalism seeks to disrupt the cultural, social, and political balance of a country and plug in other people to suit an agenda. Multiculturalism is not about a melting pot but to stir the pot.

We have a large percentage of Hispanics in this country who believe that America stole their lands from them without regard to historical fact or two treaties. We have political and social organizations on college campuses and in communities encouraging these lies in order to create division and a non-English speaking voting block. These foreign national entities support illegal immigrants to hide in our country.

Illegal immigration costs Americans economic integrity, especially when illegal aliens wire funds to foreign nations instead of buying commodities stateside, and have children they cannot afford so our social services are overburdened in addition to having to maintain bilingual education because their children are not taught English at home, as well as costing rural communities their only hospitals in financial foreclosures near the border because of illegal influxes.

The Open Borders policy has given America an out of control illegal immigration problem that costs Americans around $2 Billion a year.

Do elites pay their fair share of the bill they created for us? Hell no. Elites and the establishment love to tinker but not take responsibility.

Elites are huge social engineers in this way. Social Justice Warriors are being funded by elites to disrupt political rallies, attack attendees, and terrorize people who do not agree with elite or establishment ideology. Political seats and proposition initiatives are propped up with out of state money from these elites. Americans do not want out of state or elite money coming in and telling us what to do and how to vote.

Our state. Our decision. Learn it.

Americans are also tired of being called racists, bigots, liars, thieves, and terrorists when they do not agree with elite’s decisions for the unacceptable direction of our country.

What you have seen on Election Day, November 8, 2016 is the implementation of the Declaration of Independence. Americans have thrown off the shackles of corporatism and globalism that has masqueraded as their government for over four decades. Our basic right is to have the government of our choosing.

This election was a referendum.

Americans have spoken as many people across the globe are doing to stop the endless wars, corporate and government lawlessness, and influx of huge numbers of political pawns called refugees to force social change in nations that do not want to bend to the elite and establishment’s will.

It is called Problem, Reaction, Solution. The elite and establishment create a problem, the People react: what are we to do?, and then the same people who created the issue give you their one and only solution or the sky will fall. Sound familiar?

If you do not agree, you are attacked by media, politicos, social justice warriors, and so-called “experts” that the problem is White Power! Racist. Bigots.

See how the elite and establishment feed on their own problems to create bigger problems? Because to the elites, you push the human herd until the camel’s back breaks and global governance is the only solutions for the corruption, wars, and terrorism to stop.

Or… the People can just say: enough!

Americans are tired of the circular reasoning of Globalism. Most people would call Globalism insanity, but Globalism is a symptom of the overall problem called elite egocentric governance. When you really get down to the brass tacks of the situation, the global elite and establishment are after money, power, and celebrity through destruction, disorder, and duplicity.

If it looks like treason, smells like treason, and sounds like treason… then that duck quacking down the isle of power is probably: treason.

The presidential upset of the status quo global elite and establishment party on election night U.S.A. is about politicos and media as well as globalism. The Fourth Estate is up for sale and the plantation was sold off to the highest bidder.

Journalists where is your integrity? Sold off. Sold out. Sellouts. The referendum last night was also on you.

Our country. Our decision. Learn it.

It is time to rebuild from the clutches of the destruction of NeoCon, NeoLiberal, Globalist, elitist, establishment policies that have shadowed the world in darkness.

Let’s finally wake up to the light of the People’s own personal power and bring peace to our planet once and for all.

If you are not for a better world, you are literally on the side of the terrorists. No pun intended.