Sunday, November 9, 2014

End War and Deception: New Earth Treaty

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
New Earth Nation / Peace Treaty

International Law is based upon Natural Law – the Law of Nations IS the Law of Nature! Supplementing this foundation are Treaties. A Treaty is usually defined as a formal agreement between two or more nations or states, regarding international relations. The New Earth Treaty is no different, however YOU are the nation!

The New Earth Treaty provides the basis for a new planetary covenant of fellowship, as well as offering a universal agreement on the unalienable natural rights of men and women, and new guidelines for the administration of those governments of the world who retain citizens over whom they wield authority. Additionally the Treaty mandates the creation of an International Tribunal for Natural Justice serving to reprimand rogue agencies and restore balance to the human and planetary ecology.

All references in the Treaty to Sovereign Micro-nations refer to you, and all references to Sovereign Nations refer to existing nation-states.

All references to High Contracting Parties means the collective of all Sovereign Nations and Sovereign Micro-nations who ratify the Treaty.

To ratify the New Earth Treaty as a Sovereign Micro-nation simply make a Declaration of Sovereignty with New Earth Nation...

Source: New Earth Nation