Friday, November 14, 2014

Movie Night: Law & Getting Back Our Sovereignty Part5: Foreclosures

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Banking / Law 

This show details the sheer fraud and the collusion between the courts and the banks, from people who have done their homework to expose the fraud, and to expose how the people themselves are the CREDIT for the loans that they are being double-charged. This is an obligation of the United States Government that has been stolen by the Agencies. They charge us to cover up their embezzlement. This is an astonishing charge, until you follow the money trail and understand that that is exactly what is happening in the courtrooms across America - and across the world.

Dr Christina Winsey, from Sarasota, FL, has been fighting a Foreclosure for her family home since 2010. Her lawyer quit in October, 2013, and she had to take over her own case. What she has learned since that has made her become an expert in the Foreclosure Fraud Machine. She has learned that the Judges are in collusion with the Banks against the homeowner. Yet, she has prevailed, bringing in an Expert Witness who has helped her take her appeal where her evidence will have to be heard by the Court. She has created an amazing support network that she shares with others in similar circumstance.
[8:29:34 PM] Rebecca Cope: Jennifer Pippin, of Pippin Home Designs, has recently been named a FELLOW of the AIBD, her professional organizatio. She is only one of two women named in the 64-year history of the organization. She and husband Wes remodeled the home that has been in foreclosure since the banking crisis was deliberately created by the "Too Big to Fail" Banks. She has prevailed, and has a truck-load of paperwork to show how diligently she has dug in her heels to protect the lovely home she shares with so many. Jennifer freely shares her techniques with others, and encourages them to prevail. It is a mindset, and you CAN prevail.

For information, contact,, or There is a large antiforeclosurenetwork available to help.

The BBS Show features Rod Class and his brother Dwight Class, both Private Attorney Generals and Bounty Hunters with a Congressional Mandate to hold Public Officials accountable to the Rule of Law. DJ Harvey, who is the Co-host of the AIB Radio Show, joins us to share the historical significance of the learning that has taken place over the years. Lamont, who was over knowledgeable Videographer for the PAG Conference, also joins in to give his special perspective. Lamont works with Public TV with the Paula Gloria Show.

Source: New Earth Nation