Friday, November 7, 2014

AZ Parents Have NO Rights: The Best Interest of Your Child is NOT You According to CPS

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
CPS / Phoenix Children's Hospital

One day you and your daughters are a poster family for Phoenix Children's Hospital, the next the hospital severs your parental rights without a court hearing.

Is this even the United States? 

America has become a breeding ground for corporate greed and corruption. Now that immorality has spilled over from Wall Street to medicine. Hospitals are now legally kidnapping children. 

Child Protective Services are aiding in this criminality. 

Melissa Diegel watched as Justina Pelletier was removed from her parents care so that Boston Hospital could use Justina for medical experiments while calling her parents' abusive for not putting money before Justina's healthcare. 

See, hospitals, doctors, even the state receives kickbacks through grants, federal money, and other mechanisms that make your special needs children all that financially delectable. Especially if you are a single parent and do not have the resources to readily fight back against such insanity. Meet, Melissa Diegel:

Kayla and Hannah Diegel

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A History of Medical Kidnapping at Phoenix Children’s Hospital - See more at:

What about medical abuse used against parents in court?
In the most up to date DSM-5 diagnostic manual published by the American Psychiatric Association in 2013, the disorder medical abuse does not exist. In reality if there was evidence of true abuse criminal charges would be pressed against the parents, but this is not the happening, because their is no evidence.

In cases of "Medical Abuse" the state hires specialized Psychiatrists and Psychologists to get involved. They label the parent with a code such as what is listed under 301.51 Factitious Disorder (formerly Munchausen syndrome by proxy.) There are no chemical tests or biopsies preformed, it is strictly an opinion. Amazingly, this same, paid psychiatric biased specialist, (who makes a living off of professionally doing this,) actually gets paid by the state. They can get paid multiple times through out the case as a witness, a therapist, an evaluator and more.

The state of Arizona is known for hiring an out of state specialist to come in and professionally testify against the parents. Legally by statute they are only allowed to work in the state 20 days per year. Brenda Bursch PHD, is a perfect example of somebody who benefits from this type of "set up." She has been known to be used professionally in the state of Arizona on many cases, she is brought in from UCLA, all expenses paid.

The thought occurred to me that if upon watching this video we feel disgusted and distraught, this might just give us some beginning insight as to what it might feel like to be starved like Kayla and Hannah have. Or to be separated from your loving family and be tortured and drugged.

Just watching the first 15 minutes gives you enough information on why we are fighting so hard to save Kayla and Hannah's lives. Along with other children in Arizona and eventually across the country.
This special segment is a prelude to tonight's Movie Night: Psychiatry An Industry of Death.

When you realize what is being done to parents in court and children in experiments for money, the outrage becomes a fervor.

Nothing pisses me off more than using children as pawns in the game of greed and separating loving parents from protecting their children from medical/legal monsters. 

Stop the madness. Call Phoenix Children's Hospital today and complain.

Next time, it might be your child...

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