Monday, October 20, 2014

AZ CPS, Phoenix Children's Hospital Engaged in Child Abduction

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Parental Rights / Hospital Abuse

Where do parental rights begin and where do they end? Some doctors and hospitals do not believe in parental rights. They conspire with the courts and child protective services to experiment on ill children without the consent of their parents.

Justin Pelletier is a recent example. Boston Hospital kidnapped Justina for over a year citing that the parents did not conform to a psychiatric treatment protocol for their medically diagnosed (mitochondrial disorder) daughter, who was a patient of Tufts Medical Center. 

Read the VDP Gazette article for further information: Kidnapping by Hospital, Family Ripped Apart for Almost 1 Year.

Yet it seems that Phoenix Children's Hospital is following Boston Hospital and illegally procuring children for exploitation. 

A GI doctor places 2 girls in the CPS system. Parents fight for custody & lives. Girls are removed from feeding tubes -drop 25% & 20% of body weight.
It appears that if you disagree with a doctor, that doctor will go into court without your knowledge and kidnap your children via the child protective services system.

This case has many facets to it. For one, the girls are being placed in danger and advocates are being ignored:  
The information on the A Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook Page reveals that 12 year old Kayla is in need of immediate medical attention, as is her sister Hannah. A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the two girls reportedly resigned from the case over ethical concerns about how the girls were being treated in foster care. Kayla in particular was losing weight due to the fact that her feeding tube had been removed. She has a condition called “Gastroparesis,” which is a partially paralyzed stomach. She cannot take in enough nutrients by mouth, and needs the feeding tube. She has reportedly lost 25% of her body weight.
However more sinister plans have been made, the seizure of the girls is for medical experimentation, not to actually save them from any abusive familial situation.
Kayla and Hannah Diegel suffer from congenital disorder of glycosylation, (CDG, a form of mitochondrial disease.) Part of their condition is also suffering with “Gastroparesis,” which is a partially paralyzed stomach. As a result, they were fed through feeding tubes to bypass the stomach.

During the course of their treatment, the girls’ family doctor’s clinic of eight years, Estrella Mountain Medical Group, suddenly sent a letter to the parents instructing them to transfer the girls to the care of Phoenix Children’s Hospital Special Needs Clinic. They bounced between several different doctors at PCH, but they were all in the field of genetics. It was during this time that the girls were diagnosed with “congenital disorder of glycosylation” (CDG).

Unknown to the parents at the time, there was funding and drug trials going on for this rare condition. The article on the Facebook Page reports: “The glycosylation trial whose collaborative agreement is through NHGRI/ TGEN opened up on March 14th, 2014, just 3 weeks before the two Phoenix sisters were medically kidnapped.”

The mother reportedly began to suspect that something was going on, as she reviewed the medical records and medications her daughters were receiving. She requested that the care of her daughters be transferred to another doctor “due to his neglect and endangerment of younger daughter i.e., not returning phone calls, ignoring her severe pain and documented bowel impaction being treated from home by registered nurses, under his supervision.”

Shortly after this, in April of 2014, the hospital took custody of both daughters away from the family through CPS.
When Kayla and Hannah's Mother, Melissa Diegel tried to garner public support, the court placed a gag-order on her: 
The court has ordered that I contact you and ask you to to remove information regarding my daughters case.

Sincerely, Melissa Diegel
All the while these two girls are suffering in a foster care system that does not tend to their special medical needs, doctors who see dollar signs instead of children, child protective services that is dealing in human trafficking by way of child abduction, and a judge who has overstepped his authority, no wonder people are spreading the word about this case.

Since April the threats against the mother have continued to get worse from the court.

-visitation of their daughters has been taken away altogether
-a motion to permanently take away custody of the children was filled by the state against the Mother
- Contempt of court, with the threat of going to jail was threatened/started under the unconstitutional threat that the Mother must remove all current pictures, names of the children, and the Facebook page with 3060 “likes” was told it must be shut down immediately.

Mother has an affidavit and witnesses showing her daughters are being abused in the states care emotionally, physically and psychologically. They are also are being denied the very right to eat appropriately by way of their feeding tubes that the same hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital, diagnosed these girls to have partially paralyzed stomachs by way of nuclear scan!
The VDP Gazette will leave you with this final quote: 
From "It is not a crime to talk about your kids. We are seeing more and more cases where courts are abusing gag orders, issuing them in a manner contrary to the Constitution. The judge in the Pelletier case issued a gag order, and had to back off when Liberty Counsel got involved and showed that it was an abuse of the judge's authority. Gag orders by law cannot be issued just because a court finds the truth embarrassing or inconvenient."
Call the Governor, Janet Brewer, and demand these girls be placed back with their mother and out of harms way. 

Medical experimentation at the cost of children and families needs to end.