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Spiritual Catalyst Teal Swan on Blood Covenant Cult and Post 2012 World

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Spiritualism / Religion

Spiritual catalyst Teal Swan - known to many as the “Giggling Guide” – shares her compelling story of escaping a cult that put her through torture rituals because they believed the extrasensory abilities she already had as a child were evil, and also provides her views on the post 2012 world.

She explains that she’s based in the rather unlikely place of Park City, UT, where she has remained because of the area’s world-class skiing.

“What’s interesting about the mountains there, is there’s so much silver that’s actually in those mountains, that it creates this very amazing upwelling of energy,” said Swan, who was born with a range of extrasensory abilities including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. “So for those of us who are spiritual, it’s a little bit of an energy zone.”

Speaking of her abuse growing up, she said it originated from a Mormon splinter group called the Blood Covenant. “More than the polygamy aspect of Mormonism, (Blood Covenant) are really in love with the idea of blood atonement, which is the idea that there are some sins which can’t be atoned for by the death of Christ, and have to be atoned for by the death of man.”

She says she remembers being directly targeted because of her extrasensory abilities. “When I was younger I would begin to tell people about their auras, or about extraterrestrials, and these other various topics which are taboo, and it was not well received in that community, which is highly Latter Day Saint.” She recalls that she immediately got put on the radar as ‘this is not a normal kid.’

Swan said it was assumed that the powers she exhibited growing up were from the devil as she laid her hands on people to heal them, and communicated with dead spirits. “Those are the two main things that really set off bells and whistles, because that’s considered part of the power of (Mormon) priesthood.”

She said the Blood Covenant had infiltrated satanic groups in the area, so they could hold “counter rituals.” They would send people to the satanic ritual ceremonies to someone capture what was going on so they could bring the power back and return it to Christ.

She says she was used a a pawn between the Blood Covenant and the satanic communities. “They were loving that, they were loving the fact that they could use this thing – satanic people also recognized my abilities, but they saw that as their access to the underworld, so they were worshipping what I could do.”

She said the Blood Covenant group saw her as evil and believed that the more they tortured her, the more likely it was that the evil powers would go away.

She also talks about being held captive by a “keeper” who would put her in a 4’ x 3’ hole in his backyard, and hog tie her ankles and arms together and keep her in the hole for long periods of time. “I had no idea how long I’d be down there, I had idea if he would kill me afterwards. It was one of the scenarios that’s absolute torture because obviously that’s a survival situation.”

At one point, she said she achieved an “awakening” by focusing inside the hole on the behavior of the ants, which she observed were not resisting roots hanging down, but instead went around them. “If I was focusing on the ants, I started to feel emotional relief, whereas if I was focusing on what might have happened to me… I was miserable.

“The foundation for a lot of what I teach today is based on that idea – that you can dictate how you feel based on what you’re focusing your attention on. It was absolutely amazing and liberating for me.”

Swan spoke about her views on the significance of the post 2012 world. “The way I like to describe 2012 is we were going up this roller coaster – we were at the peak of the roller coaster in 2012 – and now we’re on this very fast ride. So it was a very important turning point, both cosmically and within the human consciousness.”

The human consciousness is currently propelling itself in a direction of unity, according to Swan, towards what she and others would conceptualize as utopia. “Our whole society is on the brink of change. But the thing about this massive going in the direction of the New Age, if you want to call it that, is that you are essentially pulling against all this resistance in the opposite direction,” she said.

“You’re getting this major split, it’s this dichotomy between the people that are awakening, and the people who are holding onto the old paradigm.”

Watch the full interview to hear Swan recall how her captor was drugging her with the veterinarian sedative ketamine to keep her under control, and to find out what action she finally took to break free from his control.

Source: Buzzsaw