Saturday, October 25, 2014

The European Union Again Sets the Example of Pure Unadulterated Stupidity

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Sustainability / UN Propaganda

The European Union (EU) has shown itself in the past as a complete moronic state of delusional nutters, but today these unelected bureaucrats have surpassed that mental challenge with this intention: EU Agrees To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions.  

And not just a little, the EU Agreement outlines:
* Overall goal of 40-percent cut in emissions by 2030
* EU says sets example for rest of the world to follow
* Environmentalists complain compromise fails to do enough (Adds link to text, industry views, energy security)
Are we going back to horse and buggy but without the flatulent horse? 

There is no basis in scientific fact for cutting carbon or any greenhouse emissions. None. Global Warming failed as a motivator because there is no such thing. Then Climate Change was initiated instead to produce the results that the United Nations (UN) demanded.

We do not work for the United Nations. Yet the stupidity continues. 

Nothing says stupid more than comments like: 
Natalia Alonso of Oxfam welcomed the 40-percent goal but said: "(It) falls far too short of what the EU needs to do to pull its weight in the fight against climate change. Insufficient action like this from the world's richest countries places yet more burden on the poorest people most affected by climate change, but least responsible for causing this crisis."
What? Do you read? Are you literate at all? Because what is stated in that quote and about Global Warming is outlandish propaganda and lies. How can you live with yourselves? 

The EU is driving up energy costs, taxing people unnecessarily, and creating a global catastrophe. What the EU is doing to its citizens is beyond treason. Why is this utter lack of moral and ethical values allowed to continue? 

With a short venture onto the internet, one can read, research, and ascertain the facts of the matter: Carbon does not affect the rate of temperature. Carbon follows temperature, not the other way around. It is rudimentary knowledge. 

Still so-called adults cannot fathom the absolute truth that their beloved religious quorum, the UN's IPCC, is wrong. 

Even the VDP Gazette has documented science, scientific lectures, and well, logic:

Or perhaps these leaders suffer from: The United Nations: Changing Your Attitude for a More Sustainable Future. Brainwashing a la carte? 

If you want real leadership, do not look to the UN and for god's sake, do not hope for the EU. 

With all the insanity going on in these two political houses, it is a wonder we are still alive as a species at all. Maybe it is not Ebola we need to be worried about. Maybe it is these people in leadership positions.

Keep your stupidity. Keep your carbon taxes. It is all about power and control, not about the environment.

You have been duped.

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