Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Global Warming Failed and the United Nations Should Be Dismantled

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Global Warming / Climate Change

In the past several decades as the sun has emitted normal radiation and heat, the United Nations has pushed an agenda to subplant heliospheric evolution and history for its own anthropogenic and egocentric conglomeration. A modern fantasy of the Earth being at the center of the galaxy, let alone the universe, made manifest.

Unbeknownst to the propaganda setters that the sun would go into its historic grand minimum this century, these politicos began their assault to undermine science, fact, and truth. This agenda is not liberal or conservative, left or right; it is right versus wrong. The United Nation's agenda to promote, shove, and bully the world into hysterics for lies, failed science is monumental for these reasons alone: social, political, and economic control. Another words: Agenda 21 is in play.

But I digress.

Carbon dioxide does not correlate with temperature. Temperature has been decreasing while carbon dioxide has increased. The sun has begun its slumber while the human race keeps being baffled by bull.

In the closing of this decade at most, the climate extremes will lessen to a finite degree of cold. A new mini ice age is upon us and no one is ready. Who has provisions for a world colder than agriculture can withstand at current latitudes?

How will the human race clothe, feed, and house millions of ice age refugees?

Our politicos are not seeing the bigger picture. No one is prepared, save some preppers, but even then our communities have been ravaged by false profiteers of a fake heat holocaust, that preparing for a true one has never been dreamt.

Global warming has failed humanity on so many levels that touching on its significance with enumeration would fill a textbook. Yet the failures have not abated the pushers of this green elixir. The drug is too powerful to relinquish. 

Human islands, population reduction, and a host of other imaginative dogma set as conspiracy theory are nothing but fact. The United Nations in league with governments, organizations, and billionaires have created the perfect storm of human ignorance. 

Because of the misconceptions, misinformation, and misguided notions of our so-called leaders, Agenda 21 has taken root in countries around the world. False promises and remedies plague countries with unfunded liabilities. Bonds and other loans maintain perpetual serfdom to an antiquated banking system. Education is sacrificed for oligarchic hegemony. Medicine, food, water, and air are poisoned for monetary gain, population control, and privatization of basic human rights. Representative forms of governance are undemocratically transplanted by regionalism and unelected bureaucrats.

All the while, freedom, independence, and individualism are criticized in lieu of the communistic vitriol called communitarianism. Why is this misconceived transformation being foisted on humanity? Why are we being coerced and condemned as enemies of the state in our own countries?

At the center of this human crisis is Global Warming set in motion by a corrupt United Nations.

Without a central place to conduct attacks against humanity, this aberrant behavior of the elite ruling class would not have commenced. The nightmare of concentric power, centralized banking structure, and one world government has changed the direction and landscape of human evolution. Humanity is not being celebrated but eradicated.

Isn't it about time humanity empowered itself against the United Nations and everyone involved in its perverted purview?

Humanity isn't the problem. Humanity is the solution. If the United Nations does not understand that fact as its actions in recent times have indicated, then the United Nations should be dismantled and humanity's will returned to the real innovators, thinkers, and inventors of this dynamic era.

Source: Suspicious Observers, Agenda 21, Communitarianism,