Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Desert Heat with a Hint of Chicago Wind; Where's Our Spring Rains?

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Weather / Air Quality

Phoenix will still have breezy conditions throughout the ten day forecast but Sunday through Tuesday will see the winds kick up again. No precipitation in sight.
Forecast Discussion: Winds out of the east this morning are gusting 30 mph at times. There are no significant visibility reductions being reported at Valley monitoring sites, but there is some haze out there. This is likely a combination of long-range dust transport and wildfire smoke that has entered the Phoenix Metro area from the Skunk Fire, burning about 100
Tomorrow's Air Quality Forecast
miles to the east. Wildfire smoke does contain ozone precursors, so an increase in ozone production today is possible, but the smoke will be well dispersed and be gaining lift with the heating of the day. Overall, the wildfire smoke seems to be having minimal impacts on our current air quality. Wind speeds start to drop off later this afternoon when the pressure gradient relaxes. There have been brief periods of elevated PM-10 at some sites today due to the gusty winds, but generally PM-10 will still range from the upper Good to lower Moderate range today. As high pressure makes its way over us tomorrow and Friday, much lighter winds and above average temps around 100 degrees are expected. Ozone at this time may reach lower Moderate levels under clear skies and light westerly flow, while PM levels register in the Good category.
Southwest U.S. Long Range Weather Forecast
16th-19th. Fair, warmer.
20th-23rd. Scattered showers.
24th-27th. Changeable skies: mixed cloud, sun, possible shower. Cool temperatures.
28th-31st. Possible showers again.

Last year's May 14th Statistics:
High Temp: 101.7F
Low Temp: 69.8F
Average Temp: 87F
Dewpoint: 36.7F
Wind Speed: 4.1 Knots

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