Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BRICs-a-Brack While Western Finance Lacks Leadership and Sanity

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Finance / Government

The corruption of the western banking system to debt and graft has left much of the world disenchanted with the Bretton Woods institutions. Even current research of finance, business, and governance are finding corporate control structures and oligarchic behaviors reminiscent of the police state of communistic dictatorships:

Is it any wonder why the world is turning to a new financial system?

In the article from Voice of Russia: BRICS creating parallel Monetary Fund disillusioned with IMF and World Bank, the world sees how the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become a political institution instead of a financial one and a money arm of the imperialistic west.
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are fed up with the US failure to ratify a four-year-old agreement aimed at reforming the IMF system. Thus the post war consensus on financing bodies appears to be breaking down, writes the expert in his RT Op-Ed ‘BRICS building parallel IMF.’
The Eastern European and Asian consortium are dealing with the corruption by leaving the corporate, oligarchic structure behind:
"During recent European bailout negotiations, IMF minutes suggest the political classes managed to ride roughshod over the IMF in order to maintain the flawed (and still crumbling) euro currency at all costs. In that sense, having a weak European with ambitions for higher political office makes a mockery of the idea that the International Monetary Fund is anything more than an overdraft facility to be rigged in favor of perceived western political interests," Patrick L Young explains, adding, "No wonder the rising East is disillusioned."
The United States and the United Kingdom cannot continue to maintain fiat currencies, debt bonds, and debt slavery and believe that the world is going to sit idly by as a more severe financial crash than the one in 2008 is recreated for the benefit of a few individuals. 

This current crisis is setting up the demise of the Petrodollar without an alternative form of currency. A currency collapse would usher in hyperinflation seen in third world countries of the past. This time the third world country will be the United States. 

A Global Currency Reset is being established by the Bretton Woods IMF and World Bank but the United States appears unabated to collapse their economic system even though there is a way out of the perpetual debt cycle. 

Unless crashing the Federal Reserve Note is the plan as has been admitted, but what good would that do anyone?

Maybe it is time for a Constitutional Convention that ends the Emergency War Powers of the Corporate United States, District of Columbia, so the world can live in peace once again.

How Americans are Trading with the Enemy Against the Authority of the District of Columbia. It's an educational read why the United States is becoming a police state where United Nations' whims are dictated to Americans like we are prisoners. This behavior of the federal government has to end.

If Americans do not resolve their Constitutional Crisis and take back their country, then the People will continue to be treated like they live in an occupied land.

Source: Washington Times, Voice of Russia