Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Droughts Are Us, Arizona Monitor

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
Drought / Severe Conditions

AZ Monitor

This is Arizona. This is Arizona on no water. Well, it could be worse, Arizona could be California. The drought in that state is enormous and critical.

With the Monsoon season coming up and disappointing totals in the years past, could Arizona be in for a good storm season? Or will the impending warmth of the Pacific Ocean usher in an El Nino effect that will hurt the state's chances to recoup some precipitation?

Are the geoengingeering goals to produce the next dust bowl and force people to move from their homes in order to satisfy some United Nation's agenda?

The Monsoon seasons are not what they once were.

Where is all our rain? 

Source: US Drought Monitor West, Drought Monitor