Sunday, May 18, 2014

1932, A True History of the United States

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
History / Finance / War


This history lesson pits the British Free Trade, Slave System against the American, Protectionist System. The British System plunders human and natural resources as well as destroys sovereignty of nation states. The prosperity and wealth creation of the American system threatened the British Monarchy's control and rule of the world.

Today the world still suffers at the hands of the British System of war, depression, and terrorism. Financial, economic, personal, professional, and creative human success is not allowed in the oligarchic structure that foments a caste system of the haves and have nots.

The Federal Reserve Banks, Wall Street are apart of this British System to gain the wealth of the people through predatory laws, lending, gambling, worthless currency, foreclosures, economic insecurtiy, and hyperinflation. Reconstitution of protectionism and the economic engine of the United States allowed for the dismantling of privatization that was harming the American people in the past, a new endeavor into this field would produce a world with hope and prosperity.

Can we do it again? Can America release herself from the shackles of the British Empire and become sovereign? Or, will we remain British colonies like the rest of the world under the United Nations' British System of serfdom?
True History of the United States, Free Documentary 
So you think you know the history of the United States? I knew that there was much I didn't know but this film makes it pretty clear that there's much more to the story.

Fascinating, engaging and deeply engrossing film that left me wanting more with a mental note to watch again. I have never claimed to be a student of history but watching this film makes me wish I had more time to be such.

The history of the United States as shown in this film is not what we're taught in school. Other films on the channel such as "The Secret of Oz" and "The Money Masters" hint at how the British Monarchy has tirelessly worked to undermine the great American experiment, but this film brings that whole subject to the fore with a lot more detail.

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