Sunday, May 18, 2014

GeoEngineering Weekly Report, May 18

Staff Writer, Nicole Meyer-Greene
GeoEngineering / Domestic Terrorism
A few lines appeared in today's sky as the clouds moved out of the state. Mostly Sunny and Partly Cloudy conditions are being forecast for later this week and into the weekend, expect some geoengineering activities during these times.

As always, if lines are present in the sky, shelter yourself. Chemicals of toxic and unknown origins are being discovered in the residue of geoengineering. Decontaminate yourself with a shower, detox with diet and supplements, and have an indoor air cleaning system that filters out nanoparticulates.

And call and email your local, state, and federal politicians against approving and funding this "research."

While in a lull of activity, here is an article for perusal: How to Document NEXRAD Weather Modification Using Weather Satellite Video + Data.