Monday, May 26, 2014

Triple Digit Yo-Yo Heat Ready for Action

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Weather / Air Quality

Hot and somewhat dry. Dew points have been in the 40's while humidity has been averaging in the 30-40% range. Desert heat comes and goes this week but only showing how this summer will be: hot. Just hot.
Memorial Day's Air Quality
Forecast Discussion: A salute to the veterans who gave their lives serving our county - Happy Memorial Day! Air quality conditions have fared pretty well in recent days. The modeled forecast of possible dust outflow from storms southwest of the Valley on Friday did verify with storm development, but did not result in dust. In fact local PM10 levels are in the middle Good range. With high pressure surging over Arizona Monday through Wednesday, winds should remain mostly light, keeping the threat of dust out of the picture. Ozone concentrations, however, may remain in the middle Moderate range much of the week under sunny skies. Daytime temperatures in Phoenix will range from 105-108°F Monday through Wednesday.

May 2014

24th-27th. Changeable skies: mixed cloud, sun, possible shower. Cool temperatures.
28th-31st. Possible showers again.

June 2014

1st-3rd. Changeable skies: mixed clouds, sun. Risk of a shower.
4th-7th. Varying amounts of clouds, sun. Dry.

Source: AIRNow, Weather Channel, Farmer's Almanac