Thursday, May 8, 2014

Burning Down the House: Open Outdoor Fires and You

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Community Interest / Fire Safety

A neighbor was burning yard waste in their back yard, which affected my breathing and I was forced inside my house. This episode brought up the question: are Phoenix residents allowed to burn their trash?

Here is what Maricopa County allows residents to burn without a permit: 
  • Cooking for immediate human consumption.
  • Warmth for human beings.
  • Recreational purposes (small fire pit or container) use clean dry wood or charcoal.
  • Branding of animals.
  • Orchard heaters for frost protection in farming or nursery operations
  • Wood burning chimineas and outdoor fire pits
Household and yard waste are not on this list.

If you would like to avoid a class one misdemeanor, criminal offense, then please see the Maricopa County FAQ.

Next time you burn waste the fire department might be called to your back yard and the firefighters could lose precious time to save someone from a real fire.

Source: Maricopa County