Sunday, May 4, 2014

GeoEngineering Weekly Forecast, May 4

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Photographer, DL Mullan
GeoEngineering / Domestic Terrorism

Most American cities feel like this.
By 8am this morning, the geoengineering planes had begun making tracer marks in the sky. As the high pressure system that is bringing hot temperatures to Phoenix fades in response to a low pressure windy and cooler system, the geoengineering "research" planes were out in full force. 

Tracer in the Western sky.
The wind conditions in the upper atmosphere made keeping the radar tracer marks difficult to maintain so before noon, the planes had to remark the skies with chemical lines.

This atomspheric tampering happened throughout the afternoon and part of the evening today. 

Due to the windy conditions for the next few days the optimal weather to spray lines in the sky will be on Thursday. Thursday could be a heavy day of GeoEngineering so keep inside with an air cleaner that takes chemicals and nanochemcials out of your indoor air, if lines are present in the skies. 

Days after that show "Sunny" conditions over Phoenix, not "Mostly Cloudy" or "Partly Cloudy" therefore the forecast for GeoEngineering will be at a minimum at least until next Sunday's report.

Documentation and evidence below today's photolog are about the government's direct involvement in geoengineering. 

Over Downtown Phoenix

Directly over the photographer's house.

Western sky geometery

Over Downtown Phoenix again

These photos could be chalked up to "contrails" by a skeptical person if it weren't for the government documentation like the Air Force's Chemistry 131 Course book called "Chemtrails" and associated patents, the evidence cannot be dismissed anymore and neither can people's concerns:

From the Dept of Defense

Here's the link to the actual textbook for the Chemtrail Coursework.  

Lines of chemicals in the sky are not "research" or a field of study; this action is chemical and biological domestic terrorism on an unsuspecting public. The only reason the word "research" is used is to circumvent United States and international laws. "Research" means the government and military are allowed to experiment on their populations.

Isn't it time to stop calling people names like "Conspiracy Theorist" and start questioning our elected officials?

Time for unethical and dangerous "research" needs to end.

Source: Veteran's Today