Sunday, May 25, 2014

Greg Palast On Big Oil & Dark Money

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
Patriot Act / Bill Oil

Greg Palast, journalist & real life vigilante, joins the Governor for a two-part investigative interview that’s all about the scheming behind our country’s largest source of energy…OIL. Palast spills on the entire oil industry, unearthing shocking reports from BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster to revealing new allegations against the Koch Bros and their involvement in the Keystone Pipeline.

Greg Palast not only blows the whistle on Big Oil, but also uncovers the dirty secrets behind our government's hush-hush dealings in the auto industry, the military industrial complex & voter fraud. Palast takes on a long list of Poll-Cats, including Obama, Romney, the Bush monarchy & even US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker. Haven't heard of her? Well now you won't forget to find out how she may have played a hand in Obama's presidency.

Source: Off the Grid