Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola Conspiracies, ISIS Funding, 9/11 Secrets and Canada Shootings with Patrick Henningsen

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
News / Government 

Investigative journalist and founder of 21st Century Patrick Henningsen discusses his belief that the recent shootings in Ottawa could have been coordinated by the Canadian government, plus he outlines the current state of ISIS and addresses the growing number of Ebola conspiracy theories.

Henningsen said while looking into the background of the alleged shooter, he found that he’d been convicted of multiple felonies, and also violated parole twice. “That would put him into the potential ‘recruit for informant’ status. This is kind of how it’s done, especially with people maybe who have mental issues – this sort of disturbed young people.”

He says people like this are often pressured by members of the security services to become informants to go into mosques and to try to radicalize other young people who might also be disturbed, and inform authorities about the activities going on.

Henningsen believes the background of the Canadian shooter seems to fit this type of profile and he believes the man was a victim of mind control. “Often these are such controlled operations that it could be viewed as a type of entrapment. Then they go into the field and carry out something.”

He adds: “We have this very bizarre event… and watching the video footage – it looks like a drill to us. We had over 100 armed officers, within minutes, converging on the Canadian Parliament. One has to ask, are they able to mobilize so many armed officers that quickly and put the city on lockdown.

“It had all the hallmarks of a kind of citywide drill – and this was all for one person with a shotgun. And of course he was in Parliament, allegedly, and he had shot and killed, we’re told, a soldier at a war memorial before he went to the Parliament.”

He said he finds it highly unusual that the police would chase the shooter from the park where the original crime occurred to the Parliament building. “This may be the worst police work you’ve ever seen.’

Turning to the surge of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Henningsen said he considers the group a brand that is good at publicizing its cause. “ISIS is a brand, that’s all it is. It’s a brand like al-Qaeda was a brand, and it’s not a brand so much for those fighters that you see in YouTube videos, those are all propaganda videos.

Henningsen said ISIS could have never bought the kind of PR they’re now getting – which he points out is probably worth millions of dollars – free PR they’ve been given by the major news networks, which have shown their propaganda beheading videos.

“I won’t even call them the Islamic State because they are not a state – that’s just dignifying them too much. It’s a paramilitary gang, it’s a confab of many different gangs and factions, but in the West, it’s branded as ISIS.”

He also gives his opinion that ISIS might disband at some point with continued military options exercised against it, but he predicts the factions would then likely just spread out, while still remaining part of a more loosely organized group.

The conversation then turns to the Ebola hysteria that’s hit the U.S. media, as well as some bizarre conspiracy theories being thrown around regarding the deadly virus. “There’s a huge, kind of a staged outbreak hype, which has gone on in America. On one hand it’s a hype, on the other hand, they could not be telling us the full extent or danger involved with this particular pathogen.”

It is pointed out that while thousands have already died of Ebola in West Africa, the United States has only seen a few cases, so there is no pandemic yet in the United States despite the saturated news coverage.

Henningsen also cites some of the “bombastic” news stories being put out by FOX News and other right-wing media sources. “They’re trying to link Ebola to ISIS.”

He gives the example of Albert Shimkus – a professor and retired colonel who teaches intelligence at the U.S. Navy Academy – who first floated the ISIS-Ebola danger. “He said ISIS terrorists could go to West Africa, intentionally infect themselves with Ebola, and then get on a plane to the United States and fly around to as many cities as they can to spread Ebola around America.

“The wildest conspiracy theories right now are not coming from the mainstream media, they’re coming from official sources now, and that’s the incredible paradigm shift that I’ve witnessed in the past year.”

He notes that former U.S. senator Scott Brown suggested the same thing, that ISIS fighters could go over to West Africa and get infected with Ebola and then enter the United States via Mexico to spread the disease throughout the country.

Watch the full interview to also hear Henningsen comment on the continued top secret status of certain pages in the 9/11 report that purportedly suggest that Saudi Arabia played a role in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Source: Buzzsaw