Monday, October 6, 2014

Investigating Chemtrails and Climate Engineering Cover-Up with Dane Wigington

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
GeoEngineering / Interview 

October in Phoenix, AZ has been full of chemical lines in the sky. These lines are unnatrual, man-made trails. Here is more information about this phenomenon. 

Geoengineering researcher and former solar power employee Dane Wigington discusses his belief that governmental organizations are engaged in secret climate engineering that is unleashing dangerous heavy metals into the environment, causing a variety of serious medical conditions including autism, Alzheimer’s and ADD.

At the beginning of the interview, host Sean Stone points out that the issue of climate engineering has been around since at least 1953, when the 83rd Congress enacted the creation of a committee to study and evaluate public and private experiments in weather modification. This was followed up in 1973, in a report to the U.S. president and Congress, by the National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere, which read: “As we pointed out last year, weather modification within the federal government is carried out by seven agencies, to meet their mission needs.”

Wigington says that of course weather modification procedures are still occurring today, and despite an alleged coverup of the practice, “a wakeup” of the issue is beginning to take hold.

“You do have those that, the more proof that’s brought out, the more adamant their denial is. But that’s simply all it is,” he said. “We have filmed footage of this happening at altitude. And we have hundreds of lab tests from around the globe to confirm the exact primary elements named and climate engineering patents showing up on the ground in absolutely massive quantities. I mean there’s no rational denials of these programs going on right now.”

But he claims that there’s a very strong effort by a lot of people to keep the activities from being exposed.

“I had a recent conversation with one of the architects of these programs, and in that conversation, he made it clear – I think the terms were – if the public ever found out about these programs, they would seek out those responsible and either hang them or place them in front of a firing squad, his terms. So clearly they know that the public would be furious if they knew these programs were going on and contaminating themselves, their children, with these toxic heavy metals.”

He promised not to disclose source’s identity, but says he recognizes the man’s name from documents indicating that he worked in a government lab, going back as far as 1980. He says the documents also show an arrogance on the part of officials involved, who believe it’s their right to decide who gets rain and who doesn’t, how toxic the air is, how toxic the rain is, etc. He said they see it more as a responsibility and have rationalizations for what they are doing.

He explains his view of what the chemtrails are actually spraying. “The elements we know are primary elements, aluminum oxide, barium, we see manganese – now in some of the ice nucleation processes that are going on, this is a big part of these programs. We’re seeing copper, lead, these materials should not be in our rain.”

While some people point out that aluminum is a common element in the environment and is not surprising that it would appear in rain, Wigington says it does not evolve naturally in free form, and therefore should not be occurring in rain. “It should not be in our rain, period. “

He cites a statistic that in California, the aquatic insect life has been found to decline by 90 percent over the past 10 years. “A virtual crash, because now our streams are flowing with aluminum – clearly this metal was not there before.

“And we’re seeing everything we would expect to see with this contaminant being in our breathable air column. We’re seeing autism, Alzheimer’s, asthma, ADD, all the ailments we would associate with this type of heavy metal exposure are indeed going off the charts. There’s absolutely no question this it’s going on, absolutely no question it’s contaminating every single one of us.”

He addresses the argument sometimes cited that the government is involved in affecting climate in legitimately seeding for rain. “This is not about cloud seeding for rain, not at all. Solar radiation management, the expressed purpose is to block a percentage of the sun’s incoming thermal energy with white, scattering, reflective particulates, i.e. aluminum. So the goal is to block the sun,” Wigington said.

As for the opinion of the entire climate science community, he says there can be no legitimate discussion of climate change or global warming without first discussing climate engineering, and currently none of the world’s leading scientists in this area even acknowledge climate engineering.

Wigington doesn’t deny that other environmental factors have affected global warming, but he emphasizes his opinion that the planet has been placed in the equivalent of “a climate engineering straight jacket,” with no change in sight. “These programs are the most immediate threat we face, I believe, based on all available data short of nuclear catastrophe.”

Source: Buzzsaw