Saturday, August 28, 2021

Questioning SCOTUS about Justice Barrett's Refusal to Hear a Vaccine Mandate Case Against a University

Your editor asking the questions straight to the people who need to explain themselves like you would expect of me. Shouldn't you expect it from other journalists as well? 

August 26, 2021


As a journalist and legal researcher, why would Justice Barrett deny a request of a student against their university to hear about a vaccine mandate. In what manner can a corporation, albeit a publicly funded one like a university infringe on someone's rights?

Medicine should never be a police power of the state or its subsidiaries.

In my current article: Mandating a Vaccine with an Unknown Biological Agent is Against International Law, the question I would ask of the Justices including Barrett would be: why in the times of uncertainty can states, agencies, and their actors be allowed to circumvent our fundamental rights, international law, and our basic human rights?

No medical treatment should ever be mandated by anyone.

Why does the Court and its Justices disagree?

Thank you,
DL Mullan,
Editor VDP Gazette

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