Friday, August 27, 2021

COVID-19 Virus Zero: Why Vaccines are Frauds and Your Government Knows It

Editor, DL Mullan
COVID / Vaccines / Fraud


Continuing our conversation yesterday about vaccine mandates from the article: Mandating a Vaccine with an Unknown Biological Agent is Against International Law, let's discuss how the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and passports are fraudulent. 

You ask: how? 

Let's first look at the inconsistent messaging of the United States federal government:

What has Dr. Fauci said about returning to normal?

Why? Why is the head of the NIH reversing course and mixing the public messaging about COVID related matters? Easy, Dr. Fauci knows that the vaccines are worthless, but sold them to the American people and people around the world as the "cure" and now he has to make good on that false promise.

As per our discussion in the previous article: "China destroyed its early samples of the pandemic-creating COVID-19 virus, has denied access to the Wuhan lab to investigators, and has been complicit with creating biological weapons in their laboratories as a means of warfare:

Want to discuss what is really going on? Besides the fact that the pharmaceutical companies have figured out a way to milk this "pandemic" by continuing the lie that vaccines halt, cure, disease? 

If you do a little research, you will find that with the introduction of sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition in the last half of the 20th Century, those actions are what curbed disease. Antibiotics saved people from bacterial infections. Vaccines did little to help defeat viruses.

Or, have vaccines eradicated the flu and common cold already? Didn't think so. 

But influenza and the cold are great examples of why vaccines are unreliable next to the proven positive effects against disease as sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition have shown to be. Viruses mutate. Viruses mutate at a faster rate than any type of vaccine can keep up with in terms of reducing numbers. 

That is why the COVID-19 vaccine has dropped in efficacy with the introduction of the Delta Variant:

Because the current vaccines are based on the variants, not the original COVID-19 Virus Zero. China destroyed the original virus for which all variants would arise. So the Medical Industrial Complex decided it could put a stranglehold on society in order to facilitate endless profits through fear.
  • Fear of the virus
  • Fear of your neighbors
  • Fear of your family
  • Fear for your family
  • Fear without wearing a mask
  • Fear without the vaccine
  • Fear of the unvaccinated 
It's Armageddon!

fear. Fear. FEAR.

COVID-19 is just a marketing campaign of fear for you to submit yourself to unethical and unprofessional medical practices for money. The Medical Industrial Complex wants you to give up your Informed Consent, which is against the Nuremberg Code.

In all reality, the current vaccines will not protect against COVID-19 already out in society. The vaccines will help reduce symptoms against a specific variant, but which one? We skipped over Alpha, Beta, and Gamma straight into the Delta Variant. 
Maybe that is why Dr. Fauci, the NIH, NAID, other US agencies as well as the CDC, FDA, the United Nation's WHO and all these corporations are spreading fear, shutting down discourse, and acting panicked at every turn. Without the original virus to create the vaccine, there can never be a "cure" or reduction in spread until natural herd immunity is obtained.

Now, they cannot have that type of truth in the national discourse.

You are uncertain? You think that this line of questioning is a conspiracy theory instead of a conspiracy fact? Then why are only the vaccine numbers used in the current dialogue about herd immunity and not adding in the millions of Americans who have already had the coronavirus? Why is the federal government's push for vaccines also include vaccinating people who have already had COVID-19? Why are anti-bodies not being tested for either?

Because without the fear of the next variant, the gig is up.

The solution to the case of COVID-19 and its variants is NOT lockdowns, mandates, or passports but good old fashioned: Mother Nature's natural herd immunity. It's the best immunity and lasts much longer.
That is how you will end the madness.

Are you ready to take a stand against government overreach, corporate profiteering, and medical tyranny? 

Just say: NO to all forms of influence driven by fear.