Thursday, August 26, 2021

Mandating a Vaccine with an Unknown Biological Agent is Against International Law

Editor, DL Mullan
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The Biden Administration has violated international law by dictating medical policy to our military, troops and Veterans. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 scare, China, the UN, WHO, CDC, NIH, media, and politicians have argued that the virus had a natural variation that jumped to human transmissibility. When in reality, COVID-19 is a laboratory created biological agent and of this writing is a weapon of unknown origin. 

So how can any government on the Earth demand the manufacture and mandate of a COVID-19 vaccine without being in direct conflict with international law?

For example:  

Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare

The 1925 Geneva Protocol prohibits the use of chemical and biological weapons in war. The Protocol was drawn up and signed at a conference which was held in Geneva under the auspices of the League of Nations from 4 May to 17 June 1925, and it entered into force on 8 February 1928.


Biological Weapons Convention 1972

States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention undertook “never in any circumstances to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain:

  1. microbial or other biological agents, or toxins whatever their origin or method of production, of types and in quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes;
  2. weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.”

For reference, viruses were added to the definition of biological agent in 1969.


United States' State Department

The adherence to these conventions is on the United States' own State Department's website:

The core obligations of Parties under the Convention are
  • Never to develop, produce, stockpile, or otherwise acquire or retain: 1) biological agents or toxins of types and in quantities that have no justification for peaceful uses; and 2) weapons, equipment, or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes (Article I).
  • To destroy or divert to peaceful purposes all agents, toxins, weapons, equipment, and means of delivery specified in Article I in their possession, or under their jurisdiction or control (Article II).
  • Not to transfer or in any way to assist, encourage, or induce any entity to manufacture or otherwise acquire any of the agents, toxins, weapons, equipment or means of delivery specified in Article I (Article III).
  • To take any necessary measures to prohibit and prevent the development, production, stockpiling, acquisition, or retention of any of the agents, toxins, weapons, equipment, and means of delivery specified in Article I under its jurisdiction or control (Article IV).

When a biological agent comes from a weapons laboratory and created via gain of function technology, the resultant virus or bacteria needs to be defined, catalogued, and tested under strict scientific protocols not to mention the law, its rules and regulations.

China destroyed its early samples of the pandemic-creating COVID-19 virus, has denied access to the Wuhan lab to investigators, and has been complicit with creating biological weapons in their laboratories as a means of warfare:

So again how can any government or corporate entity demand the use of vaccines when the nature of the viral outbreak is still yet undetermined? How is it allowable to create bioweapons in the form of vaccines when the originating viral samples are lost to the ages?

Just what are the vaccines comprised of that would not violate international law? 

Why are state actors and agencies trying so hard to circumvent international law by arguing that the COVID-19 viral agent is not from a weapons laboratory, specifically from Wuhan, China? 

Governments demanding the manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of a weaponized viral strain of the coronavirus would be permissible under international treaties' legitimate peaceful purposes, including developing medicines and vaccines to counter natural or deliberate disease outbreaks, however when states demand or mandate such counter measures for corporate and state agency profits, governments have crossed the line between peaceful purposes into nefarious means. 

Especially when the international community, media, government agencies and politicians keep hidden the origination of viral outbreak, the virus itself, any and all means of treatments that are not associated with corporate profit via vaccine mandates.

Treatments that are cost and biologically effective against COVID-19 have been disputed and regulated to the "conspiracy theory" deflection in order to promote the fallacy that no other legitimate means of countering the virus exists. This denial of medical science allows for governments to fast-track vaccine production for state agency and corporate profit creation. When this happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, millions of people around the world succumbed to the virus and still are because they are being denied access to remedies that would have saved their lives such as: 

Even when the National Institutes of Health's own studies verified the hydroxychloroquine, Zelenko treatments back in 2005:

Emergency Use Authorization, or EUAs, are dependent on the sole fact that no other successful therapeutic treatment, exists. 

We should stick to the facts: 

  • COVID-19 is a biological weapon. 
  • COVID-19 has the status of an unknown origination. 
  • COVID-19 has several treatments available for use by the public that is successful in reducing spread and the mortality rate. 
  • COVID-19 does not need a vaccine. 
  • COVID-19 vaccines do not fit within the guidelines for EUA status from the FDA.

So the Biden Administration has no legal footing to demand our troops, Veterans, or any American corporation, citizen be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Until the original samples, origination, and understanding of the virus is complete, then the governments around the world should honor the Geneva Protocol and other treaties like the Biological Weapons Convention in dealing with the COVID-19 virus. 

Vaccines can only be given priority if there are no other therapeutics available, which in the case of COVID-19 successful protocols to treat this virus are readily accessible.  

This article alone dispels the need for vaccines, mandates, and advises that governments honor their commitments to biological weapons treaties and end their unlawful vaccine mandates and passports.

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