Friday, April 10, 2015

Movie Night: Look Up! Don't Be So Blind

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Geoengineering / Meteorology

There was an interesting post on CBS 5's Facebook page recently. A viewer sent in a photograph of the lines that have been inundating the Phoenix landscape for several years now. These lines are a part of the program known as geoengineering.

A lot of participants are aware of the chemical toxins being sprayed into the sky. Others are so locked into geoengineering is being "discussed" and "researched" that these individuals cannot see the forest through the trees. 

If you can record something on a device like an audio recorder or camera, then what you hear or see is not a hallucination; it is evidence. Do not tell that to some people who are stuck in the "our government would never do that to us" mode. It is very sad to watch indeed. 

Even after challenging naysayers to get a blood test of toxins in their own bodies and compare those results to the geoengineering patents, these individuals cannot even bring themselves to see the challenge through on their own volition. 

An individual was even so bold as to say that the doctors, lawyers, and environmental biologists speaking in front of the Shasta County City Council could not be verified as to their identities. The absurdity continues. According to this viewer, not only are the experts on the video below not who they say they are, but that anyone who has spoken about geoengineering either is not credible, David Lim, or has no credentials to talk at all, Dave Wigington. 

When did we become a communist country in which only credentialed individuals could speak? 

The fact is everyone who does the research, collects evidence and scientific data is credible and credentialed because these people are doing the work. If you do not like a researcher, that is a personal problem. In order to fault the facts, you have to find how the facts were gathered improperly. 

Blood, rain, soil samples go to scientific independent laboratories. Good luck faulting those results. 

Again if you are convinced of geoengineering is a myth, take the test: compare your blood toxins with the patents.

You might be surprised. 

Source: :Dane Wigington