Thursday, November 19, 2015

City Council Votes 8-1 to Allow Rec Center to be Developed

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
ReDeevelopment / Endangered Species

Yesterday the Phoenix City Council voted to destroy the historic community of Villa de Paz for greed. 

Here is how the council members voted:
Daniel Valenzuela - Yes
Sal DiCiccio - Yes
Greg Stanton - Yes
Jim Waring - Yes
Laura Pastor - Yes
Gallego - Yes
Thelda Williams - Yes
Bill Gates - Yes
Michael Nowakowski - No
Any council member who voted against the best interests of our neighborhood and endangered species needs to be recalled.  Neighbors are now collaborating and seeking the paperwork to make this a reality.

Villa de Paz would like to make this a city-wide campaign to recall the City of Phoenix's Mayor and City Council for ethics and law violations. 

If you are interested in a campaign of your own, please start with obtaining the Recall Petition and paperwork at City Hall.

Thank you for all the support.