Tuesday, June 7, 2016

High Ozone, SRM, and the Monsoon

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Weather / Monsoon 

The Sonoran Desert is alive with Health Watches for the high ozone as well as the high temperatures. Since we had such a cool May, June has made up for it in the first half of the month so far. The heat drives our monsoon flow. So the hotter the desert floor: the better our rain chances in the coming months.

Solar Radiation Management has been deployed since there are chances for a sprinkle this week with some monsoon action to our south. March 2016 was a horrible month for climate engineering. There was not a day empty of the toxins. April saw some action. May was devoid of most geoengineering. With rain chances back in the forecast, toxic lines in the sky have reemerged. 

Here is the Ozone and weather forecast from AirNOW:
Forecast Discussion: The Humboldt Mountain Monitor located northeast of the Valley recorded an exceedance of the federal health standard yesterday. Here in the Valley, several monitors reached Health Watch (HW) criteria. As for today and tomorrow, even more stable conditions than yesterday will likely result in more ozone accumulation. Therefore, we have an ozone High Pollution Advisory (HPA) in effect through tomorrow (Wednesday). Currently it looks like there will be some improvement on Thursday with ozone levels expected to stay slightly below HPA levels. However, we do anticipate a Health Watch will still need to be issued for Thursday. PM-2.5 has been hovering in the upper Good range the last several days and we don't expect that to change. There are several large wildfires throughout the state, but no significant impacts are expected here in the Valley. PM-10 has thrown a slight curveball today. Local activity near the West Chandler monitor this morning has resulted in elevated concentrations. As a result, PM-10 at that monitor will likely end up near the mid-Moderates for today. Given the localized nature of the elevated PM-10 levels, we will not make a last minute adjustment to today's forecast. As for Thursday, thunderstorms in southern Arizona could create outflows that cause gusty winds here in the Phoenix area, potentially kicking up dust. However, at the moment, our confidence in the strength of the outflows reaching the Valley is not very high. Therefore, for now we will keep PM-10 in the Good range and re-evaluate the situation tomorrow.
So be careful out there.

Source: AirNOW