Thursday, June 2, 2016

EU Out of Control: Brexit Now Crucial for Basic Human Rights

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Globalism / Human Rights

Censorship worthy of China is being discussed by the corrupt European Union. Here is their white paper: 

Essentially to "protect" everyone, which is the corporations and governments, that there should be an internet identification (ID) that would curb bad things like "hate speech."

Here's what the EU believes about how a person should be tied to the internet:
It is recognised that a multitude of username and password combinations is both inconvenient and a security risk. However, the frequent practice of using one’s platform profile to access a range of websites and services often involves non-transparent exchanges and cross- linkages of personal data between various online platforms and websites. As a remedy, in order to keep identification simple and secure, consumers should be able to choose the credentials by which they want to identify or authenticate themselves. In particular, online platforms should accept credentials issued or recognised by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards.
Why is the British people staying in the European Union when the EU does not respect their basic human rights? 

In America, our federal government has been pushing the National ID Act on states. So when are people and states going to rise to the occasion and tell the corporation masquerading as our government what to go do with itself? 

Internet ID's is plain and simple: censorship. Step out line, disobey the government, or write a negative critique of a business and your internet "privileges" that you pay a high cost for are suspended or revoked. 

Hate speech is another word for censorship. Freedom of Speech protects speech you do not like to hear. There is no such thing as "hate speech" only censorship.

People of the world: take your countries back away from these haters of basic human rights of freedom and expression. 

Source: EU