Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Free Speech is Now Hate Speech

Staff Writer, R. Patrick Chapman
Government / Free Speech 

The European Union is dictating what you can and cannot say or type.

If you disagree with authorities you can have your internet "privileges" suspended or revoked. These internet ghettos have become the permission givers of online speech.

We as a human race with rights, not privileges, cannot have Freedom of Expression when there are administrators filtering our speech and disciplining people for not towing the government line.  

If you are an adult, then why put up with this blatant disrespect? It is high time that the European Union be broken up. The world hoped Scotland would leave, but somehow the votes went the other way. Maybe the people of Europe will finally be free of the bureaucratic dictatorship with a Brexit. 

The people of the world can only hope Europeans step up and dismantle their prison one vote at a time.

Facebook, Microsoft*, Twitter and YouTube (hereinafter "the IT Companies") – also involved in the EU Internet Forum – share, together with other platforms and social media companies, a collective responsibility and pride in promoting and facilitating freedom of expression throughout the online world;
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Source: European Union