Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sane vs Mindlessly Angry: A Rebuttal

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / Council on Foreign Relations 

What have the elite really accomplished that is not worth the masses ire?

I for one cannot find one redeeming quality of the elite social and political class and I am one of them. I can trace my family through a long line of old world nobility, including early Kings of Britain, and some of the most beloved, Kings and Queens of Scotland and France. For one instance of familial lineage, the Thornton Chart can be used to show my family's royal lineage linked to the Earl of Warren that goes back to William the Conquerer in 1066. I know others with more distinguished pedigrees than mine. Royal and aristocratic lineages are robust in the American story, and those instances are not even counting the bastards. So you will speak to We the People with respect.

What happened in 1776 with the birth our nation: the United States of America became a level playing field. Descendants of royalty, aristocracy, and the peasant classes coexisted as equals. With the combination of a common goal to make this the greatest nation on the Earth, We the People achieved greatness.

Not because we are perfect. Not because we haven’t had our social squabbles. Because we are the makers of our own destiny. We are the Sovereigns. We are the royal class.

You, the elite, are supposed to work for us, not for your demented proclivities.

The “sane” elite as you call yourselves have done nothing since 1776 but to undermine our achievements at every turn: If it weren’t for funding both sides of wars to bankrupt our nation... If it weren’t for injecting yourselves into our monetary, political, and social systems in order to dominate and enslave us... If it weren't for creating social classes to control us... If it weren't for your agenda for the world to steal wealth from us... We the People would have lifted the entire world to create a utopia for every man, woman, and child.

We the People of the Earth are not responsible for the elite’s increasing and massive pollution, destruction, and manipulation in order to self ingratiate at the cost of others, their nations, and the Earth herself. You, the supposed “sane” elite, have treated the Earth like vandals, then blame your ignorance and malignity on the rest of us.

No more. We the People are tired of your blatant disrespect and lack of leadership. True leaders do not dumb down others and blame those others for being “mindlessly angry.” We have a right to be angry. True leaders uplift their people to be greater than the generation before them. True leaders educate, inform, and guide. True leaders create wealth and equality for all.

Tyrants are the opposite. Tyrants create strife for social control. Tyrants make activities like gardening, rain water collection, and feeding the homeless illegal. Tyrants spray the sky causing pollution, disease, droughts, extreme weather events, and ozone depletion and blame it on everyone else but the elite’s own idiocy. Tyrants poison the air, water, and food supply in order to reduce the population while making money on the pharmaceuticals that not only do not cure people but kill them quicker. Tyrants cause problems so they can enact their profiteering solutions to the public problems they create. Tyrants are so blinded by their own hubris that they do not see why in the world the rest of us are fucking pissed off.

The problem with the top 1% of the 1% is that you all are ignorant fools. What have you done all your lives but change laws so that the rest of us supplement your extravagant lifestyles while you blame us for your own inadequacies? The elite have become parasitic useless eaters of the resources that belong to We the People.

What have you done with your life? I matriculated at higher learning institutions while holding down a full time job, owning my own home, putting my younger sibling through college, and taking care of an disabled elderly parent. All beginning at the age of 24. I am polymathic and renaissance as I have degrees in geology, biology, small business, history, teaching, learning, technology, as part of my arts, liberal studies, and education degrees. Not to mention my abilities in journalism, creative writing, poetry, art, lecturing, and publishing.

What have you done?

You, the elite, have put your feet up on our backs, told us what to do, and contrived a system that belittles the masses. All for soothing of your depraved egos. That does not make the masses mindlessly angry. That is a natural and healthy reaction to an abusive relationship.

The elite have not held up their end of the bargain: better jobs, better future, better education. The elite are failures. The bread basket of the United States can feed the world four times over, yet there are starving children and families all over this Earth. Tell me why? Why do we need vaccines that are full of mercury and other poisons when disease is corrected by good nutrition, ecologically sound farming practices, and good soil maintenance? Instead the elite have given the masses: pesticides, chemical fertilizers, genetically modified foods. The elite said these products would expand food production and solve world hunger. Liars.

If the elites were so “sane,” then why is Fukushima still an issue? If you are so smart, then solve that problem today, but I bet even in your groupthink think tanks no one can come up with the solution to just bury that fiasco with cement and give Japan green technologies that would support their island population.

Oh no, the elite cannot do that. Technologies that do not produce funds through scheming like smart meters are, of course, undermined or made outright illegal.

So how are the elite in any way more than corrupt, evil parasites that live off the biggest ponzi scheme funded welfare system the world has ever seen? Bank cartels, real estate bubbles, Wall Street gambling, and the laws and regulations that support the funneling of wealth from the bottom 99% to the top 1% of the 1% are your welfare meal tickets.

President Obama whines on television that Donald Trump who has built his empire through hard work and treating people with respect is an elitist? Give We the People a break. An elitist has billions, trillions of dollars locked away in accounts that will never see an audit or a tax form. We the People understand fully who the elite actually are: spoiled, angry despots.

The true welfare class are the elites that sip champagne while a mother of three working at the local fast food joint cannot even earn a living wage. When in reality, the elite owe We the People more money than they will ever be able to pay back... national debt, my ass.

The only insane people are the ones who write for elite journals like the Council of Foreign Relations’ publication: Foreign Policy complaining about how We the People do not appreciate that you, the elite, have completely and utterly failed as a political and social class because of your hubris, selfishness, and inability to do one thing right.

So the question is: what has the elite class done? What did you do today besides wreck havoc on the world markets to blame Brexit as a temper tantrum to make you feel better? Was the stomping of your feet all you did or did you get your nails done too?

We the People are not mindlessly angry. We know full well what has been going on over the generations while you feign wars and terrorist attacks to try and divert us from your complete lack of skills and abilities to run even a push mower.

Grow the hell up and get off the stage. The elites are way passed their expiration date. Each one of you needs to be indicted, arrested, convicted, wealth that was stolen confiscated, and then hung in every town square around the world to warn other elite psychos of what happens to traitors.

The mindlessly angry masses have a world to clean up and We the People are tired of your useless bigotry getting in the way of our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Now shut up, whiner. You have nothing to complain about from your Ivory Tower. We the People do have a list of grievances. Maybe it's about time the elite abdicate their rotting thrones. 

You are no longer relevant.

Source: Foreign Policy