Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Changing the National Conversation: Political Totalitarianism of Historical McCarthyism

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
McCarthyism / Communism / Socialism

Since the Democratic Party lost the 2016 Presidential Election, newer and bolder conspiracy theories have emerged to shock, rock, and create hysteria among Americans.

First, the Russians are coming... didn't America already do this one? The Red Scare hysteria of the mid-20th Century was headed by Joseph McCarthy: 

For the Mainstream Media, this unsubstantiated Russians hacked the Democratic Party headquarters and thus allowed Donald Trump to win the Presidency has become the Red Scare fueled conspiracy theory of our time.

With the addition of the Confederate War Memorial historical hysteria, there appears in the media, politics, and public that the mass hallucination of anything dealing with the Civil War and the South is deemed domestic terrorism. 

Have Americans lost their sanity? 

History is owned by everyone, not just the people who want to sanitize our lineage. Not all history is good. Not all history is bad. History is for us to remember who we are and where we came from. History is to teach our lessons to future generations. 

America is becoming George Orwells' 1984: The Importance of History in 1984

When people in a society have factions removing history, not only is that a form of book burning censorship, this act is the epitome of political totalitarianism. In America, the historical McCarthyism stands:
When authorities have to remove history under police guard, then Americans know that the action is illegitimate. Charlottesville, Virginia is an example of desecrating U.S. Veteran War Memorials and trying to use the blame game to control the narrative that only racists protect history. 

Case in point that Americans have been captured by the very Totalitarianistic mindset that they have fought against:

Statues of dictators like Stalin still stand:
Notice how Confederates are racists and terrorists, yet Stalin has free reign in the same state? 

Still believe America is a free society with access to its history? History is being demonized in order to create a reality that never existed. Without history, America becomes a microcosm feeding off a small group's collected deception.

How do Americans push back against this Totalitarian takeover of our country? 

Challenge the Mainstream Media narrative. Run for local political seats. Stand up to this historical McCarthyism before Orwell's 1984 becomes the norm. Never be violent.

Political Totalitarianism should not go undefeated. History belongs to everyone. The living are the stewards of culture and history for future generations. We need to return to knowledge in lieu of temper tantrums.  

When Americans reject the Red Scare of the Russians are coming... and realize that political totalitarianism is equal to the historical McCarthyism of removing statues, then America can be saved from the same dictatorial control that enslaved Russia and Eastern Europe for decades.

End the lies. Restore history. The past and future are in your hands.

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