Monday, April 6, 2020

Results Based Outcome to Resolve the COVID-19 Crisis and Get the World Back to Work Again

Staff Writer, DL Mullan 
COVID-19 / Results Based Outcomes


The Editor of the VDP Gazette has offered the White House several key points and resolutions in the past. March 30th was no different in solving the issue of getting the world back to work.

Is this solution perfect? Nothing ever is guaranteed, but at least it is a step in the right direction to get the world back on its feet again over the men folk of radio and talk show fame espousing conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and manliness. 

Adults find solutions, even if they are women. 


Mr. President,

I have a plan to rid America and the world of COVID-19. What we’ll need is a layperson’s Abbott 5-minute test kit for everyone in the United States (and the world) regardless of immigration status, cleared/healthy delivery personnel, work from home state health department workers, work from home doctors and their staff, ready by mail prescriptions, plus all state governors on board, and the most difficult part of all, we need nations around the world ready to implement this plan with our guidance.

It is a tall order, but a doable one. Until every person on this planet is cleared of COVID-19 as a carrier/host, then this virus will continue to be a threat to our First Responders and citizens at large. If you would like every able person to go back to work and accelerate this economy, then we need to carry this plan out to the fullest.

First, we will need to shut down even essential retail in each zip code until it is cleared. No deliveries except for the layperson’s Abbott 5-minute COVID-19 test kit. Have delivery personnel cleared of the virus before and after each zip code delivery of these kits to residents. The governors and their state health departments will direct all commerce, deliveries, and compliance in their respective states.

As the test kits are made available, each zip code’s residents will sign up with their state health department online through a website. As the residents of each zip code request the number of kits for the members of their household, then the health department will know what to request from Abbott and send the kits out. When the residents get their kits and take the test, there will be a link in their account from logging into the state health department’s website previously to direct them to type in their results on a form page.

There will have to be phone support for the elderly and those individuals who do not use technology to make this workable.

Part 1 of 2
DL Mullan

Mr. President, (cont’d)

Those individuals who test positive, the state health department will contact them via phone with their next steps plus an email support package that lists: stay quarantined, call your doctor, get said prescriptions via mail, and log back into the state health department’s website to request another Abbott test to verify that the person is negative for COVID-19.

This effort will have to be coordinated on several levels at the same time. Until everyone is negative, no one leaves their zip code, then county, and then state. As a nation, we do not open borders to any country that has not cleared its people or is open to a country that has not cleared its people.

America could take back the narrative and win the war not only against the unseen enemy but by the enemy of propaganda.

The next several weeks are crucial to put this plan into place after the virus has peaked and we have the drug trials concluded. A treatment protocol that works is the centerpiece of this solution.

We can win this war, Mr. President.

Thank you,
DL Mullan
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