Sunday, July 12, 2020

Movie Night: President Eisenhower on Little Rock School Integration 9-24-1957

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Little Rock School Integration / President Eisenhower

60 Years Ago: Pres. Eisenhower on 
Little Rock School Integration 9-24-1957

It's now 63 years ago, but the words sound familiar. The race riots and upheaval in the United States over school integration.

Americans need to revisit their history books. Not the books written by the Globalists and their United Nations' Common Core  corporate monopolies, but real history. The kind that explains and shows what happened in that snapshot of the past so we can better understand how we arrived in our present. 

The Editor's mother was 14 years old when integration came to her school. 

Some of us Americans still remember the stories passed down to us from our parents, and our parent's parents. That is why there is a generation who still can see the difference between right and wrong. As a history major, the Editor uses this forum to expand that knowledge and understanding to others. 

Are you listening?

If so: enjoy the show.