Friday, July 11, 2014

​BTS Producer Raided by SWAT, Dangers of Oil Transport & NSA Target Speaks Out

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
News / Government

Abby Martin on the high prevalence of SWAT raids across the US, and how only one day after reporting on the issue, one Breaking the Set producer’s home was violently raided by a SWAT team. We call out the media framing of the current violence in Gaza and Israel. RT’s Anya Parampil goes over some of the biggest misconceptions about the island nation of Cuba. The anniversary of the 2013 Quebec train disaster, the deadliest freight train accident in Canada’s history, and the dangers of transporting volatile fossil fuels across large distances. Finally, lawyer and former Homeland Security official Faisal Gill, one of five Muslim-American men targeted for surveillance by the NSA and FBI after doing nothing wrong.

Source: Breaking the Set