Sunday, July 13, 2014

How Can There Be So Much Gold in Hiding?

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Government / Banking

In the document, Gold Out of Hiding, Wolfgang Struck has provided history and documentation to reveal the amount of gold that has been set aside for the people of planet Earth. 

According to Karen Hudes and documentation, Mr. Struck "is the authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility containing the world's gold, precious metals, art treasures, gemstones."

Here is the legal document describing the Global Debt Facility:  and here is Wolfgang's authority: 

Isn't time that the United States Congress took over our monetary system once again, dismantled the Central Banking system of privateer banks like the Federal Reserve so American can return to sound money through the backing of our currency with real wealth instead of ones and zeros?

Source: All of the Above