Friday, August 1, 2014

Solar Activity, Climate, Rosetta

Staff Writer, Nathaniel Diaz
Meteorology / Heliosphere

Record cold hitting sections of the United States. Polar Vortex for the summer? Or, geoengineering?

Although we at the VDP Gazette do not subscribe to Climate Change, Suspicious Observers has some nice videos on the subject for those readers who are interested. 

The sun spots released a CME yesterday. Some have decayed today; still others have a chance to become a CME if they have the energy to do so. The sun wants to take its vacation in a Grand Minimum.

Storms have ramped up thanks to some solar energy. Earthquakes could be on the rise as coronal holes are Earth facing this weekend. 

The monsoon is back. Poor Buckeye last night saw a microburst that took out some RV's. More storms and unstable atmosphere for the next several days.

Distant Galaxy:
Latest Rosetta:
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Source: Suspicious Observers