Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Print Less but Transfer More Without Resolving the Issues

Staff Writer, DL Mullan
Foreign Affairs / Economics

In the article, "Print Less but Transfer More: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People" by Mark Blyth and Eric Lonergan, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is getting the understanding that the world is fed up.

In order to keep the mobs with pitchforks from becoming a reality to the top 1%, the CFR proposes to pay us all off. Well, only the bottom 80% and if you pay taxes. So some of the mob will be satiated. 

This rumored payoff does not solve fundamental issues like the failed Trickle Down Economics that have befallen the lower 90%, the constant foreign wars, race wars, and class wars to keep the muddled masses from reading the CFR website. Nor, does the payout solve the issues of corporate greed, corporate tax dodging, and corporate personhood that has caused much of these economic situations. 

The idea that some cash can make things all better shows how stupid think tanks are. If you do not resolve what caused the economic failures in the first place, a hand full of cash is only going to stop the impending pitchforks for a little while. 

Here's a clue, smartypants: why don't you ask us? 

I for one have a load of general resolutions for you to make happen before the coming New Year:
  • create jobs like FDR did; The New Deal
  • close tax loopholes and safe harbors for corporations
  • no more subsidizing corporations like agriculture or oil, unless it is small farmers, organic farmers, and new energy invention creators
  • stop trying to control us
  • stop militarizing everything 
  • clean up the Earth without using Agenda 21
  • make the bottom 50% not owe any taxes, except payroll taxes
  • get rid of the Federal Reserve
  • create money like the Constitution requires: by Congress and the Treasury Dept
  • get rid of the Emergency War Powers Act and all central banking and related legislative acts
  • eliminate corporate personhood
  • return to American economics: see, Lyndon LaRouche
  • have money backed by Silver and Gold, and any other national asset
  • no more fabricated wars
  • no more government or megacorporate media 
  • retirees and disabled Americans on Social Security should get a 10% increase because they have been cheated cost of living increases for several years; no one on these programs should live in poverty if they have paid into the system
and the last one: get your heads out of your asses already.

The United States needs to return all illegal minors and adults to their respective countries. We need to get money and influence peddling out of politics. We need to stop dismantling our Constitution and Bill of Rights in lieu of corporate governance, confederations and unions. We need to arrest on treason charges anyone who is pushing United Nations' programs.

In addition, we need to get rid of the Council on Foreign Relations and other idiot organizations that put money in their pockets first with little realization that the rest of us have pitchforks until we are about to use them.

We are tired and we are pissed the hell off. 

Our economic recessions and depressions are done on purpose. Shush, I'm talking here. Americans are not stupid. We're disgruntled. 

We want our country back and we want treasonous terrorists out. CFR and your elitist cronies, that would be you. You feel me? Go make hell on Earth somewhere else. We're not interested.

While I have your attention, be sure to watch: Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, The Pitchforks Are Coming

Oh, yes, they are.