Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stopping Ebola, Big Ag’s Right to Farm & Institutionalize Corporate Greed

Staff Writer, DB Holmes
News / Government

In this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the growing Ebola outbreak; why world governments need to step up efforts to combat contagion, and where you can go to help those infected in West Africa. Abby also reports on the right wing think tank ALEC’s and their efforts to squash the rights of individuals under so-called “Right to Farm” laws, which make it nearly impossible to challenge factory farms over the mistreatment of animals or mass pollution; also highlighting efforts by Missouri voters to amend their constitution against this law in their state. Abby then goes over the case of Arthur Demoulas, the former CEO of a grocery store chain, whose philosophy includes putting employees over profits. There is discussion with RT’s Lori Harifinest about the conditions of Demoulas’ termination from the company and how it relates to institutionalized corporate greed. Abby wraps up by doing an interview with UK politician George Galloway, discussing the violence in Gaza and the latest air strikes the US military has launched against Islamic militants in Iraq.

Source: Breaking the Set